Posted by: satramana | January 8, 2017

Ribhu Rishi’s and Adi Sankara’s altars receive embellishments


Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya

Om Namah Sivaya


Natural is it, for the love of the temple, to not only care for it, but to improve and embellish it. Below, we share images of the embellishment of Ribhu Rishi’s and Adi Sankars’a altars with arches, to match Sri Bhagavan’s arch in the Satsang Hall.


arch 05

First, Scott makes the template for the arches. . .

arch 03

. . . then cuts out the plywood.

arch 04


arch 06

The plywood is screwed to the sheetrock and the sheetrock is cut out.

arch 07


arch 08

Next, Scott and Ribhu smooth out the edges of the sheetrock making it ready for plaster.

arch 09

Scott and Sangeeta apply layers of plaster to cover the screw holes. Also applied, are edging strips to smooth out and protect the edges of the arches.

arch 11


arch 10


arch 12

After the plaster is dry, Scott sands it smooth.

Next, a texture is applied to the arches.


arch 14

Once the texture dries the arches are painted blue. Here, Scott and Sia paint the arches.

arch 15


arch 16


arch 17


arch 18

Oops! Appa accidentally got painted, too!

arch 19


arch 20


arches 02

Beautiful! Now it is time to hang the arches.

arch 21

Scott paints the interior area of the arch.

arch 22

Now, Scott and Siva install the arch for Ribhu Rishi.


arch 23


arch 24

Next, Aravind, Siva, and Scott install Adi Sankara’s arch.


arch 25

The arch is glued and also screwed to the wall.




arch 27


arch 27a

It appears Bhagavan’s arch now needs a fresh coat of paint to match the other two.

arch 27b


arch 28

Ribhu and Sia help with a little touch up.

arch 29


arch 30

Installation is complete.

With gratitude!

Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya

Om Namah Sivaya

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