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Sri Sadisvara Mandiram (Part 7): Phase II (Construction)


Om Namah Sivaya!

Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya!


By Sri Bhagavan’s Grace, devotees shared their vision of the Sri Sadisvara Mandiram by coming together and supporting this holy project.

October 22, 2013 marked the beginning of construction on the Sri Sadisvara Mandiram at the SAT Temple. Below are images showing the progress.

con begins 001

Taking the initial concept of the Sadisvara Mandiram from the model, Scott prepares drawings on the computer, refining and defining the details of the design.


con begins 002


con begins 003


Constructions begins.…


con begins 01


con begins 01b

A temporary wall and door leading to the Lotus room are built to contain the dust created while construction is in progress, as well as keep the little ones and big ones out of harms way.

con begins 01a

Nome enters from the Lotus room to observe the progress.

con begins 02

First, all of the walls must come down.

con begins 03

The area in the concrete floor where the new columns will be installed is marked out and ready to be removed.

con begins 04

Marcello cuts away the concrete to expose the earth below.

con begins 05


con begins 06

Two feet of concrete must be poured as the foundation for the columns.

con begins 07


con begins 08

Lucio pours the concrete and a strong metal bracket that will be secured to the column is buried deep into the concrete.

con begins 09


con begins 10

Marcello continues with demolition, removing walls.

con begins 11

The drinking fountain must be removed as it is in the new pradakshina pathway.

con begins 12

Looking through the wood framing, what used to be the shoe and coat room is now disappearing. All of the framing must be removed, too, but not before a structural beam is in place connected to two new columns to carry the load.

con begins 13


con begins 14

The new columns are fastened to the brackets in the concrete and a very large supporting beam is hoisted with rope and placed on top of the columns. This beam is fundamental to the strength of the temple itself.

con begins 15


con begins 16

Now that the columns and beam are in place, the remaining wood framing can be removed and new sheetrock installed.

con begins 17

Here, Marcello and Lucio prepare the sheetrock to cover the areas that were removed to install new electrical outlets.

con begins 18

Marcello adheres the sheetrock to the wall, the columns, and the beam. The vision of the Mandiram is beginning to coalesce to soon become a reality.

con begins 19


con begins 20

After the sheetrock is installed, it is all covered with “mud” and texture.

con begins 21

Meanwhile, Nandi waits in the Lotus Room, silently, patiently, for His new home to be finished.

con begins 22

After the “mud” and texture, Lucio paints the new walls.

con begins 23

How beautiful it looks! Now it is ready for the next phase…the embellishments.

con begins 24

The floor is marked with tape showing the location of the two tier steps where the Murtis and Lingam will be placed. Nome looks at all of the progress.

con begins 25


con begins 26

Scott frames the first tier.

con begins 27


con begins 28


con begins 29

The framing for the first tier is complete where Ganapati, Subrahmanya, and Chitragupta will reside.

con begins 30


con begins 31

Then, the framing for the second tier where the Siva Lingam and Sivakami will reside is completed.

con begins 32

Scott and Raman cut the plywood and adhere it to the framing.

con begins 33


con begins 34

Here, Raman screws the plywood to the frame…

con begins 35

while Scott cuts the plywood.

con begins 36


con begins 37

The first tier is complete with plywood. The second tier awaits its plywood surface.

con begins 39

Ganesh uses caulk to fill in the spaces between the plywood tier and the columns.

con begins 40

Siva places caulk in all the seams and holes that are in the plywood.

con begins 41

Meanwhile, Raman screws the upper tier framing onto the lower tier plywood making it secure, while baby Ribhu peeks over the edge in the background to see the progress being done.

con begins 42

Sangeeta adheres special glue to the framing before the plywood is screwed into it to add extra strength.

As the Sri Sadisvara Mandiram progresses, additional blogs will be posted for your enjoyment!

Prostrations to Sri Bhagavan!


  1. It is wonderful to see the progress! The photo of the completed space and the windows from the Ramana Shrine room gives such a good sense of the feeling of the new space of the Mandiram. How much longer until the pooja to open it?

    • Namaste dear Richard,
      Thank you for your message. Yes, the Mandir occupies a small area, but feels very spacious because of the tall ceiling. There is a natural “echo” in this area so that when we recite or sing bhajans the sound is enhanced and very beautiful. From here on, much of the work will be done by devotees whose hearts are set on engaging in the actual “hands-on” creation of the embellishments of the Mandir. We are hoping to have the Murti-s and Lingam placed in the Mandir sometime this summer, however, it is all in Bhagavan’s hands as to when the opening puja will occur. Blogs will be posted each step along the way for your enjoyment.
      With love,
      in Sri Bhagavan,

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