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Mahasivaratri at the SAT Temple

The SAT Temple is a Siva Temple. Sri Ramana Maharshi is recognized here as the Lord Siva Himself. Therefore, worship of Lord Siva is the same as worship of Lord Ramana.


dias at dawn close up

siva with mala

Each year, the SAT Temple celebrates Mahasivaratri. It is a night filled with worship, kirtans, reading nondual scripture, puja, meditation and silence. This holy event starts the moment preparations for it begin!


setup complete

The puja setup is completed for the night’s worship!


prep for flowers on murtis

Jim, Jeremy, Jaden, and Tristan adorn the Siva Murtis with flowers for the night’s celebration.


prep 2

prep 2a


prep 4


Click on the link below to view a fun short video taken by Jim.



nat & dak night

The Siva Murtis are ready!



Atma Puja Upanishad

The Worship of the Self


The constant contemplation of that supreme is the meditation.

Renunciation of all actions is the invocation.

Steady abidance in the Self is the posture.

The inward flow of the mind is the water for worship.

Freedom from duality is the offering.

Being centered constantly in the inner illumination of Awareness and in the infinite inner nectar of Bliss is the true bath.

The feeling of That everywhere is the only fragrance.

Being established in one’s witnessing nature is the rice for worship.

Union with pure Consciousness is the flower.

The experience of the fire of Awareness is the incense.

Being established in the sun of Consciousness is the only light.

Drinking the nectar of the inner full moon of Being is the food offereing.

Merger of the mind in the Self is the circumambulation for worship.

The feeling of “I am That” is the salutation.

Silence is the hymn of praise.

Total contentment is the conclusion of the worship ritual.

One who understands so, he understands rightly.

“I am that absolutely pure and perfect Consciousness” – realizing this is the only attainment of Liberation for those who desire to be liberated.

Thus ends the Upanishad on the

Worship of the Self.



group at murtis 2

Devotees gather around the Siva Murtis for worship and meditation.


group at murtis 1 

camphor offered to ardhanareswara

ganesh offering camphor flame


The camphor flame signifying the light of Knowledge is offered to those present.


nome taking camphor light at murtis

Each of us take the light symbolizing Self-Illumination or Self-Knowledge.


devotees taking camphor light at murtis

hands taking camphor flame


Click on the link below to view a serene short video taken by Jim.




dias as dust close up

It is now time for the puja. All present gather around Ramana-Siva for worship.


dias at dawn

After a night of silence, the blue light of dawn begins to appear…



I am undifferentiated, of an immutable nature;

Being omnipresent, everywhere, of (in) all the senses;

And not unassociated (and no disconnection), no, indeed, Liberation, no bondage;

The nature of Consciousness-Bliss, Siva I am, Siva I am.

Nirvana Satkam, Sixth Verse, by Adi Sankara,

trans. by Nome, published by SAT

three candles


Sivoham, Sivoham

I am Siva, I am Siva

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