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Vasistha’s Instruction to Rama

Vasistha said, “Though it is one, it is conceived of as diverse beings; it is neither one nor many. It is not even it! It is established in Reality. It is of the nature of supreme, all-inclusive peace. It is the one immeasurably great, cosmic being or Self. It is cosmic energy of the nature of cosmic Consciousness.”

Rama said, “By your grace, O Lord among sages, my delusion has gone, and I have attained the supreme state. I am now fully accomplished with my intelligence perfectly clear. I am freed of doubts. I rest in my own natural state as Brahman, or in the knowledge of nirvana. I shall do as you have said.”


Earlier this past summer, Anandhi  approached Nome requesting permission to express her devotion through her artistic abilities. The idea of painting a mural on the wall in the Lotus Room of Vasistha instructing Rama along with the assembly of numerous other sages was suggested. As Vasistha is part of the Advaita lineage, our linage, and dear to our hearts, it seemed most appropriate.

Below are images of the progress of this holy endeavor since its inception.


mural 01

First, Anandhi draws the image in pencil on poster board.

mural 02

Every detail is drawn carefully.

mural 02a


mural 03

The wall in the Lotus Room where the mural will be painted is prepared.

mural 04

Scott places “mud” on the wall to smooth the surface.

mural 05

After adding mud he sands the wall to obtain an even smoother finish.

mural 06


mural 07

The process of adding mud and sanding is done multiple times. Then paint is applied.

mural 08

The difference between the original wall and the prepared wall is easily seen here.

mural 09

The surface of the wall is now ready for the mural.

mural 10

The drawing is projected onto the wall and Anandhi, along with Jayalakshmi and Sangeeta draw the image onto the wall.

mural 11


mural 12

Here, Janani helps her mother, Anandhi, with the drawing.

mural 13

Although it is difficult to see all of the details of the drawing, below is a list of the figures appearing in the image:

Top line: (From Left to Right)
Siddhas showering flowers
Siddhas showering flowers
Standing Sages and others: (From Left to Right)
Arunthathi (Wife of Sage Vashista)
A subordinate king and a Minister of King Dasaratha
Second row (Sitting) Sages:  (From Left to Right)
First row (Sitting) Sages:  (From Left to Right)
On the Ground (Sitting and Standing) (From Left to Right):
Horse and birds (including the Crow Bushunda)
The ground is filled with heaps of flowers such as Ketaki, Blue Lotus, Red Lotus flowers etc.,

mural 14

The image is complete and ready to be painted. Anandhi starts with Siva.

mural 15


mural 16


mural 17


mural 17a

Then, Anandhi paints the sky. One of the Siddhas can be seen in the upper right hand corner.

mural 18

Next, Anandhi paints the sky behind Siva to represent a beautiful sunset.

mural 18a


mural 19


mural 20


mural 21

Anandhi often works at night when baby Ribhu is sleeping.

mural 22

Here, Janani helps her mother paint. Janani is an apprentice painter learning from her mother.

mural 23

Next, the columns are painted.

mural 24


mural 25


mural 26

Anandhi takes great care in every detail of the painting.

mural 27


mural 28

This is Anandhi with her husband Siva Kumar Chandran and their two children, Janani and Ribhu.

When Anandhi completes this offering we will post another blog here.

Om Namah Sivaya!


  1. Wonderful to see this!

  2. Very beautifull! Just one small tking I dont understand. Ketaki flowers were banned by Lord Shiva after supporting Lord Brahma in telling the lie of reaching the top of the collum of fire. Should they be on that beautifull painting?
    With Love

    • Namaste dear S. Arunachalananda,
      Thank you for visiting our Temple Blog and for your message. Yes, we are familiar with the story as it appears in the Siva Purana. In the section of the Siva Purana entitled, “Vidyesvarasamhita,” chapter 8, verses 19-21 at the conclusion of the story that you elude to, Siva declares to the ketaka flower, “It is not proper for me to wear you. I am the Lord and my words must stay true. My attendants and followers shall wear thee. Hence, thy birth shall be fruitful. Of course, in the canopies over my idol you can be used for decoration.” The Lord thus blessed the three—the flower ketaka, Brahma and Vishnu. He shone in the assembly duly eulogized by the Devas.
      The story in Yoga Vasistha in which Vasistha instructs Rama in the company of the assemblage of numerous other sages and devas takes place in a palace and it is this which has been depicted by artist Anandhi Muthukumarasamy.
      May we all abide in That which is the Truth, the Good and the Beautiful.
      Om Namah Sivaya!

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