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Sri Sadisvara Mandiram (Part 5) Murtis Arrive!

Om Namah Sivaya!
Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya!

Sri Sadisvara Mandiram (Part I)

Sri Sadisvara Mandiram (Part II)

Sri Sadisvara Mandiram (Part III)

Sri Sadisvara Mandiram (Part IV)

August 16 & 17 were very exciting days at the SAT Temple. After 17 months since the conception of the Sri Sadisvara Mandiram, Ganesha, Skanda, Siva Lingam, Sivakami, Nandi, and the tiles depicting Sri Ramana, Adi Sankara, Siva and Ribhu arrive at SAT. Below are images of their arrival at the SAT Temple.

Scott backs a Budget truck to the back side of the UPS truck holding the Murti-s. The UPS truck is too large to get into the SAT parking lot so we use our neighbor’s parking lot to do the transfer.

arrival 01

Nome and Raman look on as the trucks align their lift gates.

arrival 02

The transfer begins…

arrival 03

arrival 04

arrival 06

Uh-Oh!  A damaged crate. We hope nothing is broken inside!!!

arrival 05

The transfer is complete. Scott and Raman use straps to secure all the crates before driving across the street and back into the SAT parking lot.

arrival 07

Raman walks behind the truck making sure the crates remain secure as Scott drives the truck.

arrival 08

Safely arriving in the SAT Temple parking lot. The Murti-s will remain secure in the truck until tomorrow when other devotees arrive to help unload and prepare for the crane.

arrival 09

Raman and Scott arrive early the next day to prepare for the crane and the unloading begins.

arrival 10

arrival 12

The Lotus Room is prepared for the Murti-s arrival into the Temple.

arrival 11

More devotees arrive and begin to carry into the Temple whatever does not require the crane.

arrival 31

Crates are opened in the parking lot and the lighter weight contents are carried into the Temple.

arrival 51

The heavy items are positioned so that the crane can have easy access to lift the crates on to the Lotus Room deck.

arrival 15

arrival 18

Janani helps Eric unpack crates.

arrival 17

Eric opens crates full of stone tiles.

arrival 19

Nome arrives and sees all the work that has been done. He and Sangeeta discuss washing the tiles.

arrival 20

Sangeeta washes the tiles…they receive their first abhishekam!

arrival 21

arrival 22

Meanwhile…the crane arrives.

arrival 23

A crate is attached to the crane hook…

arrival 24

and hoisted into the air.

arrival 25

Raman, Siva, and Scott make sure the pallet jack is in place on the Lotus Room deck where the crate will be lowered.

arrival 26

Easy does it…down, down, slowly comes the crate.

arrival 27

As each crate is picked up by the crane, it is maneuvered onto the pallet jack…

arrival 28

…and brought inside.

arrival 29

Each crate is brought inside and taken off the pallet jack.

arrival 30

Crates are opened.

arrival 32

Nome looks at the opened crates.

arrival 33

All the crates have been opened now and the debris has been removed. Now it is time to set up a temporary altar for the Murti-s in the Lotus Room until the Sri Sadisvara Mandiram is built.

arrival 35

First, everything is washed. Below, Sangeeta washes the base to the Lingam.

arrival 34



Then, the base is positioned for the temporary altar.

arrival 37

Next, the Lingam is placed upon the base.

arrival 38

The heaviest part is the Yoni. The hole goes all the way through and the Lingam must pass through it. Siva, Raman, Eric and Jnana discuss the best way to lift it on to the Lingam.

arrival 39

They use all their strength to lift it up and upon the Lingam as Sangeeta guides them while it is lowered. Cushions are used to protect the base while the Yoni is lowered.

arrival 40

The Lingam is in place.

arrival 41

Next Skanda is placed next to the Lingam.

arrival 42

arrival 43

Janani, Sruti and Jaya wash Ganesha preparing Him to be moved into position.

arrival 44

Ganesha is lifted onto the rolling cart.

arrival 45

Then He is placed on the other side of the Siva Lingam.

arrival 49

Ganesha is in place now.

arrival 46

Next, the balipitam is placed in front of the Lingam.

arrival 47

Jaya and Eric wash Nandi preparing Him to be moved in front of the Lingam.

arrival 36

First His base is moved.

arrival 48

It must be covered with protective material so as not to chip the base when placing Nandi upon it. Nandi weighs 500 pounds!

arrival 50

Next, Nandi is positioned next to His base.

arrival 52

Nome discusses with Scott and Raman the best method to employ to get Nandi onto His base without damaging either one.

arrival 53

Crow bars are used to lift Nandi off of the dolly and onto the base.

arrival 54

Everyone uses all their strength to move Nandi onto the base.

arrival 55

Hmm. Nandi does not fit on the base properly. A little grinding will need to be done.

arrival 56

Siva holds Nandi on His side while Scott grinds a little stone away. Jnana vacuums the stone dust as grinding is occurring.

arrival 57

Meanwhile, Janani and Sruti clean Chitragupta and he is placed next to Ganesha.

arrival 58

Sivakami is also washed and placed next to Siva Lingam.

arrival 64

Raman, Sangeeta, Jaya and Anandhi apply oil to the Siva Lingam and the balipitam.

arrival 59

Nandi gets oiled too!

arrival 60

How beautiful they look!

arrival 61

Devotees meditate in front of the altar. It is a very Holy ambiance The Murti-s, Siva Lingam and Nandi will remain in the Lotus Room temporarily until their permanent home in the Sri Sadisvara Mandiram is built.

arrival 62

Devotees recited namavali to each Murti to welcome them to the SAT Temple.

arrival 63

Blessing upon blessing Lord Siva has bestowed upon us! We are abundantly blessed by His Grace again and again. Prostrations, prostrations, prostrations to Lord Siva and Bhagavan Ramana.


The Murti-s arrival completes Phase I of the Sri Sadisvara Mandiram. Engineering plans are now being created for Phase II.

Phase II will consist of engineering the actual structure of the Mandiram, building up the floor where the deities will reside, laying floor tiles, and building and positioning the wood framed pillars. Estimated projected cost for this Phase is $60,000-$80,000.

Phase III will consist of adhering tiles, including the stone tiles shown above, to the walls and the pillars, creating the arched embellishments in the ceiling, and creating stone altars for the deities. Estimated projected cost for this phase is between $40,000-$50,000.

To complete our lineage, the procurement of bronze statues of Sri Sankara and Sri Ribhu, which will be placed in the Satsang hall, will be the final phase.

Thank you to all devotees who have generously donated to this holy project. If you would like to donate toward this project, please contact SAT.


Please visit the SAT website at: to find out more about this project and the SAT Temple.

Om Namah Sivaya!
Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya!


  1. Wonderful to see this! Om Namah Sivaya! Om Bagavati Sri Ramanaya.

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