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Sri Sadisvara Mandiram (Part 12): Completion

Om Namah Sivaya

Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya!

Like the pillars in the Sri Sadisvara Mandiram, the perimeter walls of the Mandiram also contain stone carvings. Their installation completes the Mandiram and also completes Phase II of this project.

Presented here are images showing the installation of stone carvings that pertain to the spiritual lineage (guru parampara) of the SAT Temple.

stone 25

stone 26

Above, Scott and Raman apply adhesive to the stones and the wood frame and then adhere them to the wall.

stone 27

stone 28

Scott secures the stones with clips that are screwed into the wooden frame.

stone 15

The stones are all in place now and Raman paints the decorative frame.

stone 17

The top row of seven stone carvings show scenes of the sublime, sacred life of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. The first depicts his Self-Realization (or death experience as he also referred to it).

stone 23

The second shows his arrival at Arunachala.

stone 23a

The third is Sri Ramana in the Patala-lingam cellar in the temple.

stone 23b

Then follows Sri Ramana in Virupaksha cave.

stone 23c

The next is the Maharshi at Skandasramam.

stone 23d

The sixth is Sri Bhagavan in the Old Hall.

stone 23e

The Nirvana room is the final stone.

stone 23f

The seven stones situated below the seven stones on the life of Sri Bhagavan depict the glorious, spiritual life of Adi Sankaracarya.

The first depicts, when grasped by the crocodile of transience of the bodily form in the river of the cycle of birth-and-death, Sri Sankara renouncing samsara, as his mother stands on the shore.

stone 24

In the second, Sri Sankara meets his Guru, Sri Govindapada.

stone 24a

The third depicts Sri Sankara writing his holy texts, commentaries, and verses and bestowing spiritual instruction, accompanied by four of his disciples.

stone 24b

In the fourth, Sri Sankara is appreciated and blessed by Sri Vyasa Maharshi.

stone 24c

The fifth depicts the digvijayam, in which the sacred teaching spread far and wide, in which the Truth is revealed beyond the bounds of time and space.

stone 24d

In the sixth, Sri Sankara abides absorbed in Kailasa, the abode of Siva.

stone 24e

The seventh depicts final absorption at Kanchi.

stone 24f


Below Bhagavan’s  picture to His right, is Dakshinamurti. Following him, on His left is Ribhu as he enlightens Nidagha.

stone 02

stone 04

stone 05

At the entrance to the Sri Sadisvara Temple are depicted Siva as the destroyer of the tripura-s; tripura, which may be understood to be any of the triads, including the three states of mind, with a single arrow…

stone 11

…and Siva saving all from the poison churned by the devas and asuras in their faulty attempt to produce nectar using the mandara mountain as a rod and vasuki as a rope.

stone 08

The final phase of the project, Phase III, is the procurement of bronze murtis of Adi Sankara and Ribhu rishi as he enlightens Nidagha. The creation of these two murtis is now in progress.

Om Namah Sivaya

Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya


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